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  • WILL IT FIT MY APPLICATION? Our ALL METAL RV security door lock fits RVs and trailers with an opening of 3.75" tall x 2.75" wide x 1.5" thick. CHECK DIMENSIONS and latch style with your trailer or RV before purchasing! 100% METAL & FULLY SEALED ELECTRICALS, UNLIKE ANYONE ELSE IN THE MARKET!
  • New APEX VERSION RV keyless lock FEATURES HARD KEYPAD BUTTONS that are easy to use. UNLIKE KEYPAD OVERLAYS used by the competition, HARD KEYS KEEP MOISTURE AT BAY. The new keypad design makes sure your lock will LAST FOR AGES. The back-lit buttons allow EASY ENTRY AT NIGHT OR IN THE DARK.
  • WHILE OTHER RV KEYLESS DOOR LOCKS ARE flimsy and made of plastic, our NEW Apex Version RV combination door lock is LIGHTER & STRONGER! The new WATER-RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY allows our locks to handle extreme rain & humidity. Allow us to secure your valuables and HELP YOU TRAVEL WORRY FREE WITH LOVED ONES.
  • EACH KIT ARRIVES READY TO INSTALL AND INCLUDES 1x RV Door Lock, 2x Key-fobs, 4x AA Batteries, 4x High-Security Keys, 1x Oversize Door Gasket, 1x Screwdriver Multitool, Mounting Hardware & Owner's Manual/Install Guide. INSTALL IT WITHIN 10 MINUTES! 100% backed by our 24/7 Online Support. MAKE SURE OUR LOCK DIMENSIONS FIT YOUR APPLICATION.
  • OUR APEX VERSION RV KEYLESS DOOR LOCKS ARE DESIGNED with DURABILITY in mind. Fully ADJUSTABLE BEEPING SOUNDS to be AS LOUD OR AS QUIET as you want it. Will fit Campers with an opening of 3.75" x 2.75" x 1.5". We include SEVERAL EXTRA ITEMS in our COMPLETE KIT to SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME. Check compatibility with your trailer before purchasing!

Apex RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

$189.97 Regular Price
$163.37Sale Price

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