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10 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers

Ready for off-the-road adventures? Take a look at some of the best off-road camping trailers on the market.

best offroad camper trailers

Exploring the great outdoors is a thrilling adventure that allows us to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. And what better way to experience the ruggedness of the wilderness than through off-road camping? Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling trails or a nature lover yearning for solitude amidst breathtaking landscapes, off-road camping offers an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

Of course, every off-road camping trip needs a trailer to take on the rough roads. Off-road camping trailers are designed to take you off the beaten path, allowing you to access remote camping spots. But sometimes, it can be hard to find the right off-road camping trailer for you that meets your needs. That’s where we come in! Let us guide your deep dive into the world of off-road camping and present you with a curated list of the 10 best off-road camper trailers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Off-Road Camping Trailer

When choosing an off-road camping trailer, several factors come into play to ensure you find the perfect match for your outdoor adventures. Consider the following key factors before making your decision:

Durability of build

Off-road camping trailers need to withstand rugged terrains and challenging conditions. Look for trailers constructed with durable materials like reinforced steel frames, heavy-duty suspension systems, and off-road tires to ensure they can handle the bumps, vibrations, and off-road obstacles you may encounter.

Size and weight

Consider the size and weight of the trailer, keeping in mind your towing vehicle's capacity and your preferred camping style. Lighter trailers are easier to maneuver and tow, especially in challenging off-road conditions, while larger trailers provide more interior space for comfort and storage.

Off-road capability

Assess the trailer's off-road capabilities, including ground clearance, departure angle, and approach angle. A trailer with higher ground clearance and optimized angles allows for smoother navigation over uneven terrain, steep inclines, and obstacles without risking damage to the trailer or compromising your off-road adventure.

Living space

Evaluate the trailer's sleeping and living space to ensure it meets your needs. Consider the number of occupants the trailer can accommodate comfortably and whether it offers features like a bed, seating area, kitchenette, and bathroom facilities. Take into account your camping style and the amenities you prioritize.

Storage capacity

Off-road camping often requires carrying additional gear and supplies. Assess the trailer's storage capacity, including compartments, racks, and cargo solutions. Ensure there is enough room to store camping essentials, outdoor equipment, and personal belongings.


It’s always important to have a budget in mind and consider the overall cost of the trailer, including any necessary accessories or modifications. Remember to account for ongoing maintenance, insurance, and potential upgrades when evaluating the long-term cost.

RV battery

Top Features to Look for in Off-Road RV Trailers

The ideal features for your off-road camping trailer can depend on your personal preferences, camping style, and specific requirements. However, there are still certain features that can greatly enhance your outdoor adventures. Here are some top features to look for in off-road camping trailers:

Off-road suspension and ground clearance

Opt for trailers equipped with robust suspension systems and ample ground clearance. This ensures smoother rides over rough terrains, reduces the risk of damage, and improves overall off-road capability.

All-terrain Tires

Off-road camping trailers should have high-quality, all-terrain tires designed for off-road conditions. These tires offer improved traction, durability, and puncture resistance, enabling you to navigate various terrains confidently.

Weatherproofing and Insulation

Off-road camping trailers should provide adequate insulation and weatherproofing to keep you comfortable in various climates. Insulation helps regulate temperature while weatherproofing prevents leaks, drafts, and excessive noise during inclement weather.

Water Management Systems

Look for trailers with sufficient freshwater storage tanks and efficient wastewater management systems. Having ample water capacity and proper disposal mechanisms ensures you have a steady supply of clean water and environmentally friendly wastewater handling during your off-road adventures.

Off-grid power options

Consider trailers equipped with off-grid power options, such as solar panels, deep-cycle batteries, or generators. These features provide you with a reliable power source for lighting, charging devices, running appliances, and other electrical needs while camping off the grid.

10 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers

The market for off-road camping trailers is thriving with newer and advanced models, so its natural for RVers to get confused with all the aspects and features to consider. Check out our list of the best off-road camping trailers to kickstart your camping trailer shopping!

Black Series off road camper

The Black Series HQ21 is a remarkable off-road camping trailer that is designed to provide adventurers with a comfortable and rugged camping experience. With its robust construction, off-road capability, and impressive features, the HQ21 is built to tackle challenging terrains and withstand the demands of off-road adventures. Equipped with a heavy-duty suspension system, independent trailing arm suspension, and all-terrain tires, this trailer can handle rough and uneven terrains with ease. I

ts high ground clearance and reinforced chassis ensure that you can navigate obstacles and conquer challenging trails without compromising on stability or durability. The HQ21 also offers ample living space and comfort for extended trips. With a spacious interior layout, it provides sleeping accommodations for up to six people.

Price: $47,995

Opus15 offroad camper

This compact and versatile camping trailer offers a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and innovation. Designed with adventure in mind, the OP-15 is perfect for those seeking a compact yet functional camping solution. With its patented air-assisted technology, the camper has a quick and easy setup, inflating and setting up in minutes.

It comes equipped with a versatile modular rear pod system that allows you to configure the rear of the camper as a storage area, additional sleeping space, or even a bike rack, providing flexibility for different types of adventures. Despite its compact size, the OP-15 provides ample living space and comfort. The trailer features a pop-up roof, expanding the interior to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to four people.

Price: $60,999

Conqueror off road trailer

The Conqueror UEV-25 is an exceptional off-road camping trailer that combines ruggedness, luxury, and versatility. Built to withstand the harshest conditions and conquer challenging terrains, the UEV-25 is designed for adventurers seeking a high-quality and reliable camping companion. The trailer has a strong build, boasting a fully galvanized and reinforced steel chassis. It is equipped with a trailing arm coil suspension system and heavy-duty off-road tires.

The UEV-25 offers a spacious and luxurious interior that rivals the comforts of a traditional RV. It features a well-designed and functional layout, providing ample living space for up to four people. The trailer includes a comfortable sleeping area with a large double bed, a fully equipped kitchenette with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, and a dining area where you can enjoy meals in style.

Price: starting at $68,060

Airstream offroad camping trailer

With its iconic Airstream design and off-road capabilities, the Basecamp 16X is built to explore off-grid destinations and tackle rugged terrains. It has a rugged construction, featuring a semi-monocoque aluminum superstructure that not only provides strength and durability but also contributes to its distinctive Airstream aesthetics. The trailer is equipped with off-road features such as aggressive tires, high ground clearance, and steel rock guards, allowing it to handle rough and uneven terrains with ease.

Despite its compact size, the Basecamp 16X offers a surprisingly spacious and functional interior that can fit up to four people. It is ideally designed with outdoor living in mind, offering large panoramic windows so that campers can enjoy breathtaking views and ample natural light. The rear hatch provides easy access to gear storage, and it can be opened to create an outdoor living area.

Price: starting at $46,000

Escapade offroad trailer

The Escapade Backcountry X is an impressive off-road camping trailer designed to take your outdoor adventures to new heights. With its rugged construction, off-road capabilities, and innovative features, the Backcountry X is built to withstand the demands of off-grid exploration. It’s got a heavy-duty build, constructed with an all-aluminum frame, a reinforced chassis, and an off-road suspension system, making it a reliable choice for adventurers seeking remote camping destinations.

It’s also quite versatile, with a modular design that allows for customization based on your specific needs. The trailer offers various optional add-ons, including a rooftop tent, a bike rack, and additional storage options, giving you the flexibility to adapt the trailer to different camping scenarios and accommodate your gear and equipment. Top these features off with a spacious interior that can house up to four people, and the Backcountry X trailer is a winner!

Price: starting at $18,900

Sunnyside offroad camping trailer

This off-road camping trailer is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to venture off the beaten path. The Sunnyside trailer has a spacious interior, a versatile model, and impressive off-road capabilities. It offers optional add-ons such as an awning, additional storage compartments, and a portable shower system, enabling you to tailor the trailer to your camping style and requirements.

This versatility makes the Boony Stomper adaptable to different outdoor scenarios. The trailer's lightweight design makes it practical, quick to set up, and conveniently towable by a variety of vehicles, providing flexibility for your travels. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a longer expedition, this trailer offers reliability, functionality, and comfort.

Price: $10,250

TC teardrop offroad camping trailer

The Teardrop trailer is a well-loved option for off-road camping enthusiasts who desire a compact and rugged camping experience. It is designed to provide comfort and versatility while being able to handle challenging terrains and adventurous journeys. One of the notable features of the TC Teardrop ORE trailer is its sturdy construction. It features a durable steel frame and a rugged exterior built to withstand off-road conditions.

The trailer is equipped with off-road tires, high ground clearance, and a heavy-duty axle. It has a compact design, the interior layout is well-designed and optimized for efficiency. The trailer typically includes a sleeping area that accommodates two people, as well as a compact kitchenette with a sink, stove, and storage space for your cooking essentials. Add to this the trailer’s lightweight design, and it’s a model that’s easily towable by a wide range of vehicles.

Price: Starting at $10,000

Patriot offroad camper trailer

The Patriot Off-road Camper X3 is an exceptional off-road camping trailer with a heavy-duty build and off-road capabilities to fulfill your camping needs. The trailer is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and reinforced chassis, featuring independent suspension and off-road tires. The X3 also offers a spacious and well-designed interior that caters to your camping needs. It provides comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to four people, with a queen-size bed and a convertible dinette area that can be transformed into additional sleeping space.

What truly sets X3 apart from its competitors is its ample storage compartments and technical systems. It’s got extra storage both inside and outside the trailer, and a water and electrical system to provide you with the necessary amenities for extended off-grid stays. It also features integrated solar panels and a battery system, ensuring a continuous power supply for your devices and appliances.

Price: enquire for pricing

Taxa Outdoors Mantis offroad trailer

The Taxa Outdoors Mantis Overland is an impressive off-road camping trailer with a range of standout features that make it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. It features a durable aluminum exoskeleton that provides exceptional strength and protection. With its off-road tires, heavy-duty axle, and high ground clearance, the trailer was made to take on rough terrains. The Mantis Overland is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various camping needs.

The trailer has multiple storage compartments and exterior attachment points, allowing you to bring along all your gear and equipment. The Mantis Overland also incorporates sustainable power solutions for off-grid adventures. It comes with a solar panel system and a lithium-ion battery bank, ensuring a reliable power supply for your devices and appliances. The trailer also features USB and 12V outlets, making it convenient to charge your electronics.

Price: $59,999

Bean Trailers

The Bean Trailers Meaner Bean is a high-quality off-road camping trailer known for its durability, versatility, and functional design. One of the notable features of the Meaner Bean is its tough build. The trailer is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and a reinforced aluminum body, ensuring durability and longevity. The trailer models typically include a sleeping area that can comfortably accommodate two to three people, with options for a queen-size bed or bunk beds.

The trailer offers various customization options, and you can choose from different interior layouts, add optional features like a portable toilet or a shower system, and select additional storage solutions to accommodate your gear and equipment. Campers will also like other features such as integrated solar panels, a battery system, and USB outlets to provide power for your devices and appliances even in off-grid locations.

Price: starting at $2,000

Offroad motorhomes

Tips for Maintaining Your Off-Road Camping Trailer

Maintaining your off-road camping trailer is crucial to ensure its longevity, reliability, and continued enjoyment during your outdoor adventures. That is why we have gathered some valuable tips for maintaining your off-road camping trailer below. Try to follow them to keep your trailer in top shape for years to come!

Conduct regular inspections:

Try to conduct routine inspections of your trailer, both before and after each trip. Check for any signs of damage, wear and tear, loose components, or potential issues that need attention. This includes inspecting the suspension, electrical system, plumbing, and exterior components.

Keep it clean:

Try to keep your trailer clean, both inside and out. Regularly wash the exterior to remove dirt, mud, and debris that can cause corrosion or damage. Clean the interior thoroughly, too, removing any dirt, dust, or food particles that may attract pests or cause unpleasant odors.

Stay on top of tire maintenance:

Check the tire pressure regularly and ensure they are properly inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Inspect the tires for signs of damage, such as cracks, bulges, or uneven wear. Rotate the tires periodically to promote even wear and extend their lifespan.

Maintain the plumbing system:

If your trailer has a plumbing system, properly winterize it if camping in freezing temperatures. This involves draining the water system, adding antifreeze, and ensuring all pipes and faucets are protected. Regularly check for leaks, and promptly repair any damaged or faulty plumbing components.

Keep an eye on the battery:

If your off-road camping trailer has a battery, maintain it properly. Regularly inspect the battery for corrosion, clean the terminals, and ensure a secure connection. Keep the battery charged, especially during extended periods of storage, to prevent deterioration.

Store it properly:

When you’ve entered the off-season, be sure to store your off-road camping trailer in a dry and secure location. If possible, protect it from direct exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, or harsh weather conditions. Use trailer covers or storage sheds to shield it from the elements.

Renting vs. Buying: Exploring Your Options for Off-Road Camping Trailers

When it comes to off-road camping trailers, RVers have the option to either rent or buy one. Each option has different considerations and advantages to take into account. Let's explore the differences between renting and buying off-road camping trailers to help you make an informed decision.

Renting vs Buying Offroad Camping Trailer


Off-road camping opens up a world of adventure and exploration, and having the right camping trailer can elevate your experience to new heights. Whether you prioritize durability, off-road performance, spacious interiors, or off-grid capabilities, there's a trailer on our list for you. So do your due research, choose a trailer that suits you best, and get ready to head off on the trip of a lifetime!


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