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V2.0 RV Awning 12' LED Strip Kit

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Key Product Features

  • The LATCH.IT V2.0 Difference – The ONLY & COMPLETE DIY RV awning LED Light Kit INCLUDES: 12’ LED Strip, 12x 1’ UV-Treated Polycarbonate Channels, VHB Tape, Waterproof RF LED Controller/Remote, 2x 6’ 12V Power Adapters, 2x LED Strip Caps & Degreaser Wipes. Now all WATERPROOF connections. Every Kit includes instructions to help you through the install!
  • SAY GOODBYE to CHEAP & POOR FITTING LED awning lights. The V2.0 LATCH.IT LED Strips use a silicon tube inside the UV-Treated Polycarbonate channel w/ all WATERPROOF CONNECTIONS that allows it to be IP68 WATERPROOF! The VHB tape backing on the LED Strips & PC Channels KEEPS IT TIGHTLY SECURED on your camper or RV!
  • INSTANTLY LIGHT UP and SET THE ATMOSPHERE outside your RV or Camper! Use the RF remote to TURN ON, TURN OFF or DIM the lights from wherever you are! Change the lights TO ANY COLOR and ADJUST THE BRIGHTNESS as necessary to set the proper atmosphere you want – Max Brightness of 1800 Lumens Depending on color!
  • INSTALL the LATCH.IT RV Awning LED Lighting with EASE! CUT the LED strip to ANY LENGTH AS REQUIRED. Wire it directly to your PORCH LIGHT, LIGHT SWITCH or ANY 12VDC SOURCE using any of the TWO included 12V Power Adapters.

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