RV Skylight Insulator (14x22x2.75)

RV Skylight Insulator (14x22x2.75)

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✔️The LATCH.IT Difference – RV Vent Insulator w/ CUSTOM INSULATING FOAM & CASING gives you IMMEDIATE energy savings YEAR-ROUND. Say goodbye to CHEAP and LOSE FITTING RV Vent Insulators, LATCH.IT INCLUDES 6 Velcro Pieces w/ HEAT-RESISTANT 3M GLUE BACKING & a premium String Bag to STORE WHEN NOT IN USE!


✔️SAY GOODBYE to POOR FITTING Shower Skylight Insulators! Our 14x22x2.75” design allows TO FIT IN YOUR SHOWER SKYLIGHT INNER DOME WITH EASE! For EXTRA STRONG HOLD, use included Velcro tabs. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE HEAT, our Velcro tabs use 3M glue which is HEAT RESISTANT up to 150 Degrees Celsius!


✔️INSTANT ENERGY & COST SAVINGS with our RV Insulated Vent Cover. The reflective side REFLECTS ALL HARMFUL UV-RAYS and the 2.75” of INSULATED FOAM helps keep your RV/Camper COOLER DURING SUMMER and WARMER DURING WINTER.


✔️FIT the LATCH.IT RV Shower Skylight Insulator in UNDER 10 SECONDS! Simply POP IT IN and POP IT OFF WHEN NOT IN USE! No install, no hassle! The zipper allows you to REMOVE THE INSUALTING CASING as required to EASILY CLEAN IT.


✔️ BEING AN AMERICAN BUSINESS, WE OFFER THE STRONGEST LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THE MARKET. We take pride in our products quality and performance. Buy from us with confidence and enjoy our LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you are unhappy with our product, return it for a hassle free 100% refund. OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE PRODUCTS YOU DESERVE.

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