RV Macerator Pump V2.0 | 12V Quick Release

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Key Product Features

✔️CHECK IT FITS YOUR APPLICATION BEFORE PURCHASING - RV pump fits 3" DIAMETER RV waste outlets. QUICK RELEASE FUNCTION makes it easy to attach & detach the camper sewer pump. DUMP WASTE AT LONGER DISTANCES quickly and efficiently. The FRESHWATER INLET FITTING aides in dumping & makes sure your blackwater tanks are waste-free.


✔️ The 12VDC MOTOR NOISELESS & FAST. Pump 12-15 gallons of waste in ONE MINUTE! No more holding up the line at waste dump stations. CLEAR your Black & Gray water tanks in minutes! LOW NOISE & THERMALLY PROTECTED so you can dump anytime, anywhere and store it in a breeze!


✔️ The V2.0 LATCH.IT RV Waste Pump is a COMPLETE KIT & arrives READY TO USE! No need to buy additional accessories like competitor kits. Our RV Macerator Pump Kit includes a RV Macerator Pump, 1” Diameter Hose (10” Length), Adjustable Metal Clamps, 1” Barb w/ ¾” & 1” NPT Fitting, Quick disconnect fitting with on/off valve, Power Cables + Extension and a Carry & Storage Bag. We got you covered!


✔️ LONG LASTING & EXTREMELY POWERFUL Pump – Say goodbye to clogs or jams! Our Macerator Pump features STAINLESS STEEL CUTTER that can REDUCE PARTICLE SIZE TO 1/8". Use the fittings, hoses, and clamps included to CONNECT TO ANY GARDEN OR STANDARD HOSE. Pump waste hassle-free! Safely store the portable RV pump with the INCLUDED STORAGE BAG.