Q: What do I do, if my door is hard to shut or does not shut right?

 A: Adjust the strike plate to make sure there is no obstructions. Make sure lock assembly is installed centered and aligned with the lock cutout.

Q: How long should the batteries in my lock last?

A: Batteries will last up to 6 months; however we recommend to remove them during off season and long period of inactivity.

Q: What type of battery does the key fob take?

A: The key fob takes a lithium CR1632 battery.

Q: What do I do if my inside door handle does not open the door?

A: Make sure back face is installed appropriately with the handle in the locked position. If it’s not installed appropriately, the latch “tooth” will not engage with the mechanism. Try our interactive shooting by CLICKING HERE.

Q: What do I do if I lose or need another mechanical key?

A: Please fill out the Lost Key Form. CLICK HERE Please have your mechanical key # ready. You can find you key # on the key itself.

Q:What do I do if I lose my key fob?

A: You can purchase another key fob, simply CLICK HERE.

Q:How many key fobs can I sync with my lock?

A: As many as you’d like! Try to keep in under 10.

Q:Who do I contact with any questions about installing, programming or functionality?

A: You can contact us at ANYTIME and we’ll respond within a few hours! CLICK HERE

Q:What kind of warranty do you offer with your locks?

A: At latchit, we believe in all our products. That is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on ALL our locks. Simply make sure to register for your Lifetime Warranty on our website. CLICK HERE

Q:Is my RV Door Lock waterproof?

A: Your new latchit lock is rain-proof. We highly recommend against using high-pressure washers directly on the lock.

Q:Is my Key fob waterproof?

A: No, it is not.

Q:Where can I find a video walk-through of all your instructions?